The Skinny

Stop the presses! That was apparently the order from the folks at the
esteemed Target Book, who figured that the state is so gerrymandered it
didn’t even warrant an election update. “Looking at the number of truly
competitive seats going into the November election, we don’t see any reason
to print several hundred additions of an updated volume when no more than a
dozen pages would read significantly different than the 200-page edition you
already possess. AND, should we do so, the shelf life would be around minus
two days. To keep subscribers updated on the few competitive races, we will
continue to regularly e-mail you Hot Sheets.” Your local tree thanks you,
though it is a bit of a sad commentary on the state of affairs politically.
And you thought the Capitol Weekly awards were bad. Barbara Boxer found
herself on a list legislators typically want no part of: Radar Magazine’s
list of “Ten Dumbest Congressmen.” The magazine calls Boxer “a limousine
liberal running a few gallons short of a full tank.” Boxer finished
sandwiched in between Rep. Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio) and Rep. J.D. Hayworth
(R-AZ). The winner (or loser, as it were): Katherine Harris. … Apparently
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s No New Taxes pledge doesn’t apply to
California. Bloomberg has ponied up $250,000 to the Proposition 86 campaign.
The measure would levy a new $2.60-per-pack tax on cigarettes in California.
Bloomberg is a close ally of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, whom he met with
this week in New York and hosted a fund-raiser for. The New York Times even
dedicated column inches to the Bloomberg-Schatzi lovefest. But
Schwarzenegger has come out against Proposition 86.

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