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Well, the latest Schwarzenegger polls numbers are in, and they’re not good. A recent survey of 3,000 moviegoers found that Schwarzenegger’s Jingle All the Way is considered the worst Christmas movie ever. The survey was conducted by The movie edged out Santa Claus Conquers the Martians for the title. Though, the integrity of the survey was called into question by this column when it was revealed that Bad Santa made the 10 Worst List. Everyone knows that Bad Santa is one of the best Christmas movies of all time. … Speaking of poll numbers, new numbers are in for the media, and things are looking up. Apparently Americans love us more than they love themselves. The Bee laments that Americans’ awesome media consumption–more than eight hours per day–is taking away time for “self-reflection.” According to the survey, Americans now spend record amounts of time in front of televisions, computer screens, radios and newspapers. … Ryan, We Hardly Knew Ye. A fond Skinny farewell Ryan Jimenez, who was, briefly, the press secretary for First Lady Maria Shriver. Jimenez, who best we could tell seemed like a nice guy, and was a big time Joan Didion fan, left his new gig before he ever really got started. So, as of this writing at least, that means both husband and wife are looking for new spokespeople. Ah, the trials and tribulations of the modern married couple.
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