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What has more turnover than the Capitol press corps? How about the Capitol’s public-information officers. The shakeout from the election is still underway. Former Schwarzenegger press deputies Julie Soderlund and Darrel Ng both have moved on. Soderlund has opted for the private sector, taking a job with Marty Wilson and Beth Miller’s PR firm.

Ng, meanwhile, will stay stateside. He’s up for a brief stint at the Health and Human Services agency, but eventually will land at the Department of Business, Transportation and Housing. Hey Darrel, when you figure out who your new boss at BTH is going to be, let us know. We’ve heard lots of rumors, everyone from Will Kempton to Bruce McPherson, but the former seems untrue and the latter is said to be a more likely candidate for secretary of education. …

Meanwhile, on the Democratic side, Nicole Winger is leaving Sen. Gloria Romero’s shop and heading over to work with new SOS Debra Bowen as her communications director. Brian Brokaw, most recently of Phil Angelides fame, has signed on with the consulting firm Acosta/Salazar.

Meanwhile, Downtown Jerry Brown has been reduced to advertising in the Capitol Morning Report for people to fill his press office in Sacramento. Anyone? Anyone?

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