The do-gooders are leaving 926 J Street. Could 717 K Street be their next haven?

The Do-Gooders have done gone.

The community of dozens of left-leaning groups that have congregated at 926 J St. for more than two decades is emptying out. The ornate, 14-story structure has been variously known as the “Do-Gooders’ Building,” the “Poverty Palace” or even the “Trotsky Building” (perhaps inspired by the smell of cabbage rolls and Chicken Kiev wafting up from the Park Plaza Cafe on the ground floor).

Sacramento’s Marvin L. Oates Trust, which is part of Buzz Oates’ real estate empire, bought the property in April, and it’s managed by Rubicon Property Management. Since then, they’ve embarked on what most tenants seem to agree are much-needed renovations to the upgrade building, which was constructed in 1924 and is known as the oldest high-rise in downtown.

However, it was the poor state of repair

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