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Prop. 30, an enviro plan to tax the rich, defeated decisively

A line of vehicles charge up at a Tesla Supercharger station in Westminster. (Photo: The Image Party, via Shutterstock.)

Voters like taxing the rich, as a rule, but Proposition 30, which would take from millionaires and give to electric cars, headed into election night with nearly as much opposition as support – making it appear to be one of the few cliffhangers on the statewide ballot. But that was short lived: By Wednesday morning, Proposition 30 was soundly rejected by about an 18-point margin


Latest tax-the-rich ballot initiative splits Democrats

A view of Malibu, one of California's wealthiest enclaves, looking southward from the pier. (photo: Atomazul, via Shutterstock)

For the third time in a decade, voters have a chance to raise taxes on the rich, but this time the money would pay for electric vehicles and charging stations instead of schools and community colleges, a distinction that has drawn opposition from key supporters of those previous tax hikes.

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