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From Solitary Confinement to Executive Suite: Ken Oliver

Ken Oliver of

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: We are joined today by Ken Oliver, Executive Director of, the philanthropic arm of Checkr. Oliver joined us to talk about his journey from prisoner to philanthropist, the flaws in California’s re-entry program and about SB 809, the Fair Chance Expansion and Protection Act of 2023, which would ensure that conviction history does not prevent qualified candidates from finding employment.


A chat with BART’s Homelessness Czar

Daniel Cooperman, BART's Senior Manager of Social Services Partnership (Photo/BART)

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (which everyone calls BART) is a the lifeline of the Bay Area. Connecting the suburbs to urban cities through 131 miles of track, BART serves a wildly diverse customer base. One of the groups most dependent on BART is the region’s homeless population – and that dependence that became even more pronounced during the COVID pandemic. We speak with BART’s first Homeless Czar, Daniel Cooperman.


BIG week at SCOTUS – with Professor Courtney Joslin

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: Last week’s Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v Wade and allowing states to set their own abortion rules is nothing short of an earthquake in American life. Constitutional Law Professor Courtney Joslin joins us to talk about the Dobbs decision itself, the implications of the decision and Justice Thomas’ comments that other decisions, including Obergefell, legalizing Gay Marriage, may also need to be reconsidered.

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