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Ghost of Schwarzenegger stalks Brown administration over lease-back

Another possible outcome in favor of California First that does not require specific performance (the completion of the deal) would still cost the state hundreds of millions. According to Agrusa, it is possible that the court would rule to provide the real estate group with monetary damages equivalent to the earnings California First would have reaped had the deal gone forward.


Ron Loveridge: A local official with statewide presence

Ron Loveridge hasn’t been around forever, but sometimes it seems that way.

Loveridge is retiring after decades in public service that includes an unprecedented five terms as mayor of Riverside. But for a guy who built his career hundreds of miles from Sacramento, Loveridge has a remarkable profile in state government that extends far beyond


Politics at the Movies

January can be an odd time at the movies, with some of the most varied releases showing up. On the one hand you have the serious award contenders slowly rolling out across the country, having had Christmas releases in Los Angeles and New York City in order to qualify for various competition deadlines. While on


Public pension changes take effect

Gov. Brown pushed through legislation that cuts and caps public pensions for new employees, making a fix-it-to-save-it argument while bypassing the bargaining usually demanded by his labor allies for benefit changes.


Voters needed assurance the governor’s tax hike on the November ballot would not be eaten up by pension costs, and inaction might fuel


Recall is far from total in Governator’s memoir

Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story”

By Arnold Schwarzenegger

Simon & Schuster 2012

646 pages


By A.G. Block


Say, kids, I recently spent a fantastic week in the company of Arnold Schwarzenegger, a former tank driver in the Austrian Army. Schwarzenegger, who some time ago moved from the Alps to Brentwood, published

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