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Young, black and male, Trayvon Martin faced triple threat

Trayvon Martin is a number. His family and others rightfully make the case that he was a real person, and that his death has left a serious mark on a real family and community. That’s true, but it’s time we recognize that he is also, sadly, a statistic. A statistic we too often ignore, which


California judiciary scrambles for dollars

Last week, the California judiciary went on a rollercoaster ride.


The final budget – it’s been approved by the Legislature and awaits Gov. Brown’s signature — included some relief for a court system that has taken continuous cuts over the last five years. But there were indications that the money is too little, too


As police departments are cut, crime climbs

When someone is in danger, or has been the victim of a crime, they call the police.  Law enforcement’s ability to respond to these calls is a function of capacity—the number of police officers available to respond when those calls to 911 are made.


Much ado has been made about rising crime rates and


Police, firefighter pensions were top targets at CalPERS

As local governments scrambled to meet a Jan. 1 reform deadline for giving lower pensions to some new hires, a top target was a big increase bargained by police and firefighters during the last decade.


A CalPERS-sponsored bill, SB 400 in 1999, gave the California Highway Patrol a 50 percent pension increase. Then in


Counselors, emergency training offer best chance of school safety

Counselors, not guns, and emergency training for the staff offer the best chance for curbing school violence, according to a survey of California voters.


In the survey of 1,200 people conducted in English and Spanish, better than a 2-to-1 margin, or 67 percent to 26 percent, said hiring a counselor rather than a police


Do armed guards really make schools safer?

In the wake of a tragedy like Newtown, there’s an understandable impulse to fight fire with fire.   To fortify schools with fences, barbed wire and metal detectors.  To call for more police officers and even suggest that teachers and principals should carry weapons alongside their lesson plans.  To do anything that could protect our


Decades-old state program keeps produce safe

For people who like to eat, there is some comforting news out there: More than 96 percent of produce samples sold in California and tested for pesticide residues meets public health safety standards.


For homegrown produce, it’s even better: Safety standards are met nearly 98 percent of the time, according to 2011 results released


For Lois Wolk, the Senate district is new but core issues remain the same

Like many of her colleagues, state Sen. Lois Wolk, a Democrat, found herself this year in a totally new election environment.


During her initial four-year term, she represented the 5th Senate District, a Delta-flanking district where she built a reputation as an advocate for water and environmental protections. Now, she is the senator from the

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