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The Micheli Files: “Gut-and-Amend Bills” in the California Legislature

California law, image by Vitalii Vodolazskyi

ANALYSIS – One of the controversial occurrences during the annual California Legislative Session is so-called “gut-and-amend” bills, or replacing the bill’s contents with a subject which is entirely unrelated to the original contents of the bill. Such amendments raise the legislative issue of “germaneness,” which refers to whether a proposed amendment is relevant to the subject matter currently contained in the measure.


The Micheli Files: Rules of decorum in the California Legislature

Seal of the State of California, image by Aaron Kohr

ANALYSIS – Both the Assembly and Senate of the California Legislature, like other legislative bodies, utilize several rules, as well as customs and practices, for the purpose of ensuring that legislative deliberations and debate operate in a civil and orderly way. The individual house rules, as well as Mason’s Manual of Legislative Procedure, provide guidance in this regard.

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