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Construction, politics, secrecy clash in Capitol project

The state Capitol's East Annex. (Photo: State Department of General Services)

A fight is brewing in the Capitol – about the Capitol. It’s all about plans to build a new Visitors Center beneath the domed West Wing and demolish the 68-year-old East Annex, replacing it with one of three proposed buildings.


Needed: Fewer roadblocks for electric vehicles

Electric BMWs charging at a Google complex. (Photo: Roman Boed)

OPINION: There are over 220,000 electric vehicles (EVs) on America’s roads today – more than double this time last year – and about a third of those are in California. EVs are exploding in popularity; they’re cheaper to drive and fuel, better for the environment and are a more thrilling drive.


Time marches on: Parking meters in political dispute

After receiving complaints from motorists, the L.A. City Council repealed the ordinance allowing ticketing at broken meters, but left open the possibility of revisiting the issue after six months. Gatto’s bill bars L.A. from looking at the issue gain in six months.

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