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Sicilia vs. D’Artagnan in the park — Land Park

Review, “The Three Muskateers:” It may not be exactly the same “The Three Musketeers” that Alexandre Dumas penned in 1844, but the Sacramento Shakespeare Festival’s production is as energetic as the novel that inspired it. And keep a close eye on Cardinal Richelieu.


A tale of two districts: The incumbents go down

In the last election, two Assembly candidates did something that isn’t often accomplished in legislative elections, but is more likely following redistricting: They beat an incumbent.

From two of the most liberal, Anglo, affluent, coastal districts in the state, Richard Bloom, D-Santa Monica, and Marc Levine, D-San Rafael, were able to defeat incumbents, Betsy Butler


CEQA a tool to protect Native American heritage

When California’s Environmental Quality Act captures public attention, it’s usually because of a struggle between developers and business interests on one side and environmentalists on the other.

But for the Native American community, CEQA has a deeper significance: It is viewed as a tool in maintaining the tribes’ cultural heritage when their land has been


Ghost of politics past pops up in 2014 governor’s race

Mike Curb, who served as lieutenant governor decades ago during Jerry Brown’s second term in office and then largely disappeared from politics, has popped up again – as a supporter of gubernatorial hopeful Abel Maldonado.


The Nashville-based Curb, a record company executive, donated $5,000 to Maldonado, a Republican and former lieutenant governor who has

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