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Key piece of online poker parley gets airing

A critical sticking point in private negotiations over authorizing internet poker in California became public Thursday when a tribal chairman announced his intention to bring in an international online gaming firm as a subcontractor to conduct operations in California – but only if the state approves the new legislation.


PUC’s dithering hurts those who depend on basic phone service

The glacial pace of the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has rendered California’s LifeLine program—which helps the poor, the elderly, and the disadvantaged obtain low cost telephone service—nearly obsolete. The program is many years out of date, and must be modernized to keep up with changing technologies.

The current LifeLine program only helps low-income households


Young, black and male, Trayvon Martin faced triple threat

Trayvon Martin is a number. His family and others rightfully make the case that he was a real person, and that his death has left a serious mark on a real family and community. That’s true, but it’s time we recognize that he is also, sadly, a statistic. A statistic we too often ignore, which


Governor dallies on settling his Super Bowl wager

Gov. Jerry Brown won’t be paying off his losing bet on the Super Bowl for a week or so.


Not that Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley is griping about it.


Brown said before the game that if the San Francisco 49ers didn’t prevail he would send O’Malley a copy of “California: The Great Exception,”

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