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Letter to the Editor: Rodeo injuries

I just received from the State Veterinary Medical Board copies of the rodeo injury reports from June-December 2019:  a grand total of TWO.Statistically not possible!


Letter to the editor: builders

Re:“Builders, contractors: Numbers tell the tale” (Capitol Weekly, Jan. 17),  it is unfortunate that Mr. Hunter of the Building and Construction Trades Council chooses to devalue the impact of the hard-working men and women comprising California’s construction industry, solely to boost his short-sided, self-preservationist agenda.


Letter to the Editor

Since Congress failed to take Obamacare away from 20 million people, the current President issued an executive order allowing young, healthy people to opt out and buy cheaper health insurance.  This benefits them with cheaper payments, but as they might learn the hard way, you get what you pay for. 

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