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Because of inequitable maternity care, I was afraid

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OPINION – When I delivered my children in 2016 and 2018, I was afraid. I was there as a patient, but as a physician, I knew the data. When I put on that hospital gown, I was another Black woman at high risk for a bad outcome in maternity care.


SB 598 threatens California small businesses with higher health care costs

Stethoscope and calculator, image by Michail Petrov

OPINION – Rising inflation has led to soaring healthcare costs for businesses. Compounding these challenges is SB 598, a bill currently under consideration in the California Legislature that, if enacted, it would further burden businesses, especially small businesses, with additional costs while introducing low-value care into the state’s healthcare system, harming patients across California.


Preserving health coverage for millions of Californians requires all of us

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OPINION – Across California, some of our most vulnerable neighbors remain unaware that they need to take action to keep their health care. This isn’t a small group: nearly 16 million Californians are enrolled in Medi-Cal, and about 75% of this group must submit the information requested in their renewal packet or they could be disenrolled – that’s a total of almost 12 million people.


Special Episode: Proposition 29 – Kidney Dialysis Regulation

CAPITOL WEEKLY PODCAST: Today we present a Special Episode of the Capitol Weekly Podcast, recorded live, Thursday May 26 at CALIFORNIA VOTES, A 2022 Election Preview. Panelists Kathy Fairbanks and David Miller discuss the merits of the proposition, moderated by Sigrid Bathen of Capitol Weekly.


The utilities’ new electric transportation infrastructure

A black-and-white view of smoggy Century City, Beverly Hills and West Los Angeles. (Photo: trekandshoot)

OPINION: Squinting into the smog, our state’s utilities have seen the future — and it’s not fossil fuels. Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric and San Diego Gas & Electric revealed plans to invest $1 billion to build a comprehensive electric transportation infrastructure.


CA prepares for health care battle

A physician prepares a syringe for use. (Photo: Shutterstock)

The results of a presidential election won by Republican Donald Trump has some in a panic. And with GOP majorities in both houses of Congress, Trump presumably can do just about anything. But California health advocates are not talking about abandoning the state’s healthcare system. They’re preparing for a fight.

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State urges feds to OK immigrants’ health coverage

A physician flanked by the California flag. (Illustration: Niyazz, via Shutterstock).

Hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants in California would be able to buy insurance through the state healthcare coverage marketplace if the federal government accepts a newly signed state law to exempt them from the federal rule. On June 10, Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation requiring Covered California to ask the federal government for a waiver to let an estimated 390,000 undocumented immigrants buy health insurance – as long as they do it with their own money.


Costly drugs or access to health care: Should we really have to choose?

A physician flanked by the California flag. (Illustration: Niyazz, via Shutterstock).

OPINION: Prices for prescription drugs are rising precipitously, seriously threatening public and private healthcare budgets, and creating barriers preventing patients from accessing needed therapies. Pharmaceuticals now account for 19 percent of employer spending and Medicare spending on healthcare and, with a slew of approvals of new $100,000+ medications, there is no relief in sight.

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