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Making the case for the Low Carbon Fuel Standard

It is fitting that the Western States Petroleum Association’s latest critique of the Low Carbon Fuel Standard invoked a 22-year-old desperado movie. The message that Californians should continue to rely exclusively on a single fuel for our cars and trucks, much of which comes from unstable sources, is outdated. And just like Thelma and Louise,


A critical look at the Low Carbon Fuel Standard

In the movie Thelma and Louise, the two hapless heroines clasp hands and hurl their turquois Thunderbird over a cliff and into an abyss of certain death.  It’s become an iconic moment in American film, a noble if extreme solution when all hope is lost.


California is about to hurl itself over a cliff


Attacking Low Carbon Fuel Standard is bad policy

California is home to the world’s greatest innovation economy. From semiconductors to social networks, the state boasts a rich tradition of supporting new technologies that spawn job-creating companies and industries and provide California consumers with the goods and services that make their lives better. But recent attacks on the Low Carbon Fuel Standard could stifle


Looking at the Low Carbon Fuel Standard

California was first in the nation to mandate a 10 percent reduction in the overall carbon intensity of fuel sold in the state by 2020.  However, we will not assume a real national leadership role in this important endeavor without first stepping back from California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) Program to reassess critical feasibility,

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