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Capitol Weekly podcast: Paul Mitchell

An increasingly rare device -- the dial telephone.

A decade ago, better than nine out of 10 California households with telephones relied on land lines for their service — a scant 5 percent used cell phones for their home connection. This year, nearly half of all households rely on cell phones. So Capitol Weekly’s John Howard and Tim Foster dialed up our favorite numbers cruncher, Political Data analyst Paul Mitchell, to talk about the seismic shift from to cell phones to land lines and how that will play out in the 2018 election cycle.


Capitol Weekly podcast: Paul Mitchell

Campaign data expert Paul Mitchell.

Let’s talk data: California political numbers cruncher Paul Mitchell sits down with Capitol Weekly Editor John Howard to chat about all things digital. Consider this: The past election cycle rewrote the rules for digital campaigning. Most media coverage, especially after the election, has focused on what Paul calls in today’s CA120 column “digital terrorism” – viral campaigns based on fake news stories, fueled by fake social media accounts and hacked computers.


CA120: Nov. 8, through the looking glass

(Illustration: Tim Foster, Capitol Weekly)

From neighbors to family members to local coffee shop baristas, the number one question I’ve received since Nov. 8 is “How did that happen?” Donald Trump’s come-from-behind win shocked about everyone in the political world. Even his own political team. Even Hillary Clinton’s own political team.

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