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Missing pieces in Brown’s pension reform plan

A bill that started out as Gov. Brown’s proposal to restructure the CalPERS board emerged from the Legislature last week as a more modest change: a requirement that CalPERS board members receive 24 hours of education in pension fund operations.


As police departments are cut, crime climbs

When someone is in danger, or has been the victim of a crime, they call the police.  Law enforcement’s ability to respond to these calls is a function of capacity—the number of police officers available to respond when those calls to 911 are made.


Much ado has been made about rising crime rates and


As Jan. 1 deadline looms, a scramble to reverse pension cuts

The Antioch city council is scrambling to reverse previous pension cuts before a statewide reform takes effect Jan. 1, an attempt to aid the recruitment of experienced police officers from other cities.


The reform pushed through the Legislature by Gov. Brown imposes a uniform lower pension formula for new hires. Unions no longer will

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