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Big Daddy

Big Daddy

Hey, Big Daddy,

Why do some pieces of legislation seem like they don’t really do anything?

— Puzzled in Petrolia

Don’t kid yourself. There’s a reason why every bill is introduced. Like that old sourpuss Ecclesiastes says, everything under heaven has a purpose. Something like that.

The purpose of every bill isn’t to be signed

Big Daddy

Big Daddy

Dear Big Daddy:

 I can’t help laughing, mostly to myself, whenever I hear people around the Capitol talk about their “members.” Is there something wrong with me?

–– Turgid in Temecula

Dear Turgid,


I’m guessing you have more problems than a snake-oil salesman pitching a room full of Christian Scientists. If I understand you,


At the Movies

A mixed bag of four new films

It’s a busy week at the movies and a mixed bag of outcomes, including veteran stars who elevate their material and films that both benefit and suffer by being associated with true stories.


The Big Wedding Written and Directed by Justin Zackham

This is the first of


Scaling down the big one?

The nature of one of the most ambitious public works projects in California’s history resides in the detail.


And more details are emerging.


The newly-released, preliminary planning documents for the $18 billion Delta tunnels project include a detailed analysis of how the plan would affect the Delta’s ecosystem and the 57 fish, wildlife


‘Big Soda’ takes aim at local ballots — and health

Big Soda spent big bucks. That’s how it defeated ballot measures to create soda taxes in two California towns.


In Richmond, in the Bay Area, and in El Monte, east of Los Angeles, the measures would have added a penny-an-ounce tax on soda. Had the taxes passed, they were projected to raise millions of

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