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Tax on recycled motor oil would hurt consumers, environment

Earlier this year Governor Brown, referring to how California voters had supported his Proposition 30, said, “We just got a nice tax, I think we ought to take a deep breath and show how we are spending it in a wise way before we start looking for more money.”  Virtually every Californian would agree with the


Capitol politicking blocks foreclosure relief

For those who work in state government and have experience in the legislative process, there are few surprises.  Every now and then, however, political tricks threaten necessary reforms.  Late last week, just before the Memorial Day holiday, a trick was pulled that could derail legislation to help prevent foreclosures by interests who want to create


April tax revenues may be less than hoped

A record $16 billion in income tax revenue will flow into state coffers during April, according to predictions in Gov. Jerry Brown’s January budget plan.


About $5 billion of that $16 billion comes from higher taxes approved by voters in November through Proposition 30 — $4.5 billion in taxes owed for 2012 and $500


Ann Ravel: In pursuit of transparency

Ann Ravel, California’s political watchdog, captured public attention in November when she squared off against an obscure but well-heeled group calling itself Americans for Social Responsibility.


The Arizona-based nonprofit poured $11 million at the 11th hour into the California campaign opposed to Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax initiative, Proposition 30.  On the eve of the


Bipartisan bid to end Legislature’s 30-days-in-print anachronism

One of the Legislature’s archaic rules that lawmakers say needlessly delays action on bills would be eliminated through a newly introduced constitutional amendment Republican and Democratic lawmakers hope to place on the 2014 ballot.


If voters approve, the change would end the Legislature’s 30-days-in-print rule, which requires exactly that: No hearing or vote can


After years of recession, Californians’ optimism on the rise

Public Policy Institute of California


In the wake of Gov. Jerry Brown’s successful campaign to pass Proposition 30, his job approval rating hit a record-high 48 percent among Californians, according to a survey released today by the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC). Passage of the measure to increase taxes changed the feelings of


Accounting shift in state budget raises questions

Months before California voters approved new taxes in the Nov. 6 election, accounting practices in the state budget were changed – changes that ultimately could make it much harder to define just how much money the state has taken in or is likely to get.


The changes were approved by the Legislature and governor

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