Slap & Tickle

The best and worst of the week in California politics

SLAP Auto manufacturers: This slap comes courtesy of the attorney general,
who has filed a suit blaming auto manufacturers for global warming. Can’t
wait until Lockyer decides to sue every cow in California for the same

SLAP Organized Labor: First, you carry Angelides over the finish line in the
primary, then you let him dangle for a couple of months while the governor
sucks all the oxygen from the political center. And now, you’re coming in
with $25 million? When did Labor and Schwarzenegger switch places in the
election-tactics department?

SLAP Karen Bass: OK, we’re flattered that you sent out a press release
touting your victory as rookie of the year in our reader survey. But, for
the record, it’s a reader’s “poll.” A reader’s pole is something else

TICKLE Jerry Brown: Got contributions of California’s two preeminent
playboys in the same week: Hugh Hefner and Gray Davis.

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