Trial lawyers and the Civil Justice Aasocaition of California don’t agree on anything. If one says up, the other says down. It’s a law of physics and nature. But aparently they do agree on one thing — Mike Feuer. The Consumer Attorneys of California are poised to name Feuer as their Legislator of the year.  And earlier this year, CJAC gave Feuer its Civil Justice Leadership Award. CJAC extoled Feuer for his AB 83 “which amends California’s Health and Safety Code to ensure that liability protections extend to all “Good Samaritans” who help out in good faith at the scene of an emergency.” Get those whale naming skills ready — there’s about to be an opening for Lite Gov. By the time you read this, John Garamendi will be a congressman which leaves the governor with some shoes to fill. Ditto that one particular supervisorial vacancy in Riverside County. We’re sure it’s just a coincidence that Benoit voted for the water package this week. But it couldn’t help Benoit get into the governor’s good graces… Has the 2010 campaign season begun already? The impassioned 10 minute speech that Sen. Gloria Romero gave to the Senate Education Committee on Monday morning may be a clue. Technically, Romero got up from her chair’s spot to speak in favor of her own educational reform bill, SBX5 1. But when she declared “Education is the civil rights issue of our time. Our moment is now. Our time has come,” we can’t help but think the grandstanding for colleagues and cameras might have something to do with her primary race against fellow Sen. Tom Torlakson for Supe of Public Instruction. We’re just saying…

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