Sure, it’s only April 1, but the campaigns are well underway. We’re not talking about the race for governor, or any of the statewide races. We’re not even talking about the legislative races that are beginning to pick up steam. No, the hottest campaign going is the behind-the-scenes maneuvering for positioning and placement on Capitol Weekly’s Annual Top 100 list.  Every year, we compile a list of movers and shakers in California politics, and this year we are faced with some tough questions as we compile our lineup. With Arnold Schwarzenegger facing term limits, is Susan Kennedy still the top dog? If Kennedy should not be at the top of the list, who should be? These are the questions we are putting to you, our readers. Many of you have already received  an email from us asking for your picks on who should  be on our annual power broker list. If you didn’t get the memo, you can send your comments and suggestions to Remember, we don’t include elected officials on our list. Already, we’ve identified a couple of glaring omissions from last year’s lineup. And for every person who we add, it means one more person who drops off the list. Who did we miss last year? Who was ranked too high? Who was ranked too low? Who deserves to be included? Who should be voted off? Send your anonymous picks to

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