From the Rich Get Richer Dept., Dustin Corcoran continues to build his team at the California Medical Association. His latest hire is Jay Hansen, former lobbyist for the State Building Trades Association, who will join CMA as the chief strategy officer. After 10 years in the salt mines at the building trades, Hansen’s new gig will be to sit back and think big thoughts. He’ll be Corcoran’s No. 2, working to implement long-term strategy and vision for the organization … Our profile of homeless artist Anthony Taylor in last week’s issue has received some attention. Taylor, who sells his art on a corner by the Capitol, spent several stints in prison — the first for an armed robbery he said he committed, later for a pair of drug offenses he said he didn’t. Now, the Western Center on Law and Poverty has asked Taylor to be a spokesman for AB 1198 by Assemblyman Sandre Swanson, D-Oakland, which would lift the lifetime ban on receiving food stamps for people who have been convicted on a drug felony if they meet certain conditions, such as being in drug treatment. “He’s a good spokesman because Tony’s able to connect with people and can help people understand how important it is to have a second chance,” said the Center’s Jessica Bartholow. Taylor said access to food stamps would have helped him stay away from trouble years ago. “When you first get out [of prison], you don’t know what to do. You just want to get your s— together.”

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