One thing about term limits is that it can create some conflicting emotions. Imagine, for example, what some Los Angeles Democrats might be going through as they watch the race for California attorney general. On the one hand, a good Democrat should go with the nominee, San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris. But is that really the best career move? Just imagine for a moment that Republican Steve Cooley wins in November. It creates a vacancy that would be too appealing for Los Angeles city attorney Carmen Trutanich to pass up. That, in turn, could open up the city attorney’s job, a job that has to look good to a certain chairman of the Assembly Judiciary Committee who ran for city attorney in 2001. To protect the innocent, this Assemblyman shall remain nameless, but his name rhymes with “Mike Feuer.” An open city attorney gig sounds a lot better than waiting six years for a Senate seat to open up, doesn’t it? So, how about it Assemblyman? Any chance of jumping on the Cooley bandwagon?

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