You never know where you’ll get your political information. So imagine our surprise when the pre-game festivities at last Thursday’s day game between the San Francisco Giants and Arizona Diamondbacks turned into a political focus group. Assemblyman Jerry Hill was on hand to present Giants’ broadcaster Jon Miller with a resolution congratulating Miller on his induction into the baseball hall of fame. The resolution had been passed by the Legislature earlier this year. When Hill was introduced as an Assemblyman, more than a few boos could be heard from the San Francisco crowd. During the presentation, our crack reporting staff was conducting important business in the men’s room, when the political comments started to fly. “What the hell are you doing at the game? Get back to work!” yelled one. “Where’s our damn budget?” came another cry from a neighboring urinal. A couple more comments were blurted out that are unsuitable for a family newspaper, but sufficed to say that even with their team on the brink of the playoffs, voters in the liberal hamlet of San Francisco were plenty angry.

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