The appointment of Bill Honig, the lanky, nimble, hyperactive, passionate educator who reminded us more of Skelator than a schools expert, lasted a day before he withdrew his name. Brown named him to the state Board of Education 35 years ago, and he did it again last week. But in between, there’s been a lot of blood under the bridge, as the saying goes: Honig served a decade as state schools superintendent, an independently elected official, but was driven from office by a conflict-of-interest scandal 1993. Bills aren’t the only things that never die in Sacramento: The same is true with old scandal. Seventeen years after he left office under a cloud, the old issues came up again, and he quickly withdrew his appointment. He may have done it at the urging of Brown, who probably was just as surprised as Honig at the uproar. The last thing that Brown needs right now is controversy over an appointee. That can quickly end a governor’s honeymoon….By the way, what was the big, secret pow-wow going on Wednesday at 980 9th Street? We heard that top Republicans gathered to plot strategy for the upcoming special election. That might even be true. We’re on the bottom floor; they could have told us….

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