We still don’t know who the four Assemblymembers are who had their right to conceal arms in the building taken away by the Speaker recently (contrary to rumors, the Speaker isn’t armed in the building either). Speculation has centered around two from the GOP, former sheriff’s deputy Allan Mansoor (who didn’t call us back) and Jim Nielsen, whose office would neither confirm nor deny. Um, this column aside, we’re just going to be nice to them…and speaking of being nice, we’re hearing a lot from folks who want to be on our Top 100 list that runs this week and next. Just to be clear, you can’t buy your way on with food, drink or ad buys. We’ll gladly take all three, to be clear, just don’t expect anything in return. And we’re also not giving any hints about who will be in the top 50 next week, except to say we expect to hear complaints when Sutter Brown doesn’t make the cut… 

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