Be warned, don’t mess with the press: In January, security cameras in our building taped a woman strolling out of Capitol Weekly’s offices with an employee’s purse. Two days later, we published that photo in our paper.  Within another 24 hours, a late-night anonymous caller said she recognized the woman as one Brandi Tate. The caller had seen the picture of Tate in our paper – clearly, a fine example of our eclectic and elevated readership – and blew the whistle. Capitol Weekly immediately gave the suspect’s name to the authorities, and provided still photos, copies of the surveillance tapes, even Tate’s shoe size (she tried to use a stolen credit card at a nearby store and got caught on that camera, too). A Sacramento police detective said he was “amazed” by the amount of evidence we brought them; rightly, too. But to cut to the chase: Prosecutors say Tate, 38, got  32 months in prison on May 25 partially due to having several priors. A miserable conclusion to a miserable episode…

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