Political scientist Barbara O’Connor, communicator extraordinaire, mentor to millions – okay, thousands – of Sacramento university students and a power player in everything from retirees’ issues to broadband access, is hooking up with Lucas Public Affairs as an adviser. Her more chi-chi title is “Of Counsel,” which means that LPA can pick her brains any time they want and Doc Barbara can do what she does best – give smart advice fast. O’Connor often is at the top of the call list for anyone seeking insight into the workings of the Capitol and she has the place wired – no mean feat, given her heavy travel schedule in and out of D.C. and assorted other interests. She’s been a good friend to Capitol Weekly – we only have a few, and the others demand anonymity – so we are doubly motivated to wish her well. And Big Daddy, who weighs in on everything and for whom Barbara once worked, offers his own two cents: He says congrats, too …

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