We don’t like Roseville much and with good reason: It’s a miserable, clogged, uptight suburb in a state of perpetual construction with vast housing tracts that make Daly City look distinguished. So Roseville’s latest faux pas came as no surprise: The city has banned dancing – that’s “movement of the human body accompanied by music or rhythm” in the words of the official ordinance – in any area outside the city’s official “entertainment zone.”  (A side note: The happiest moments in our lives involved moving rhythmically with music in the background, but that’s another story.) Back to the dancing: One 72-year-old woman was cited for “sauntering too much” during a performance by Styx cover band at The Station, which has been hosting dance nights without incident for three years and which now has compiled 29 citations. When we sat through “Footloose,” we figured this was pure Hollywood: No town could be dumb enough to outlaw dancing. We were wrong. And if this ordinance ultimately gets killed – as it deserves to – we’ll happily dance on its grave.

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