Assemblyman Marty Block, D-San Diego, began Wednesday’s lunchtime meeting of the Capitol Knesset by saying he founded the group in March as a kind of social group for Jewish and Jewish-friendly people in and around the Capitol – but that actual politics quickly made it onto the agenda, too. This week they were looking at alleged anti-Semitic imagery coming out of the campaign to ban circumcision in that normally-liberal bastion of San Francisco. Upon seeing copies of the comic “Foreskin Man,” provided at the meeting, we’re inclined to agree. The comic pits the blond, Aryan-looking Foreskin Man against a crew of baddies led by Monster Mohel, who looks like a combination of a rabbi with a villain from a Clint Eastwood Western – except armed with a scalpel. The comic is created by Matthew Hess, president of, a group fighting “male genital mutilation” and the creators of the ballot measure.

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