From our Candidate Recruitment files, rumors abound that Sen. Fran Pavley is taking a look at moving north to a safe Democratic district that includes Oxnard rather than try to take on Sen. Tony Strickland in a new competitive seat that includes parts of Ventura and L.A. counties. Pavley, sources tell us, already owns a home in the district in addition to her Agoura Hills base. But Pavley’s move could make the way for the return of Robert Hertzberg to the Legislature. The former Assembly Speaker is said to be weighing a run in that district in hopes of giving Democrats their strongest chance of holding on to that new seat, and perhaps building a two-thirds majority in that house next fall. A Hertzberg candidacy would shake up Valley politics, but also send some serious shockwaves to Sacramento. With Steinberg’s pro-temship coming to a close, and a scramble that would include Kevin deLeon and others in the offing, could Hugsberg be the first to serve as both Speaker and Pro Tem? A lot of ifs, we know, but a lot to chew on…

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