We checked our email one morning and got a jolt: Redistricting guru Tony Quinn angrily forwarded us a copy of a Capitol Weekly story that had been sent to him in which CW reported that Republicans were dropping their challenge to the new state Senate maps. Quinn upbraided CW for inaccurate reporting — and God knows who else he copied in. But there was a problem here: The story and headline that Quinn was bemoaning had been faked.  Turns out it was all a prank engineered by Quinn’s friend and colleague, Target Book publisher Allen Hoffenblum, who sent the tricked-out story to Tony as a joke, knowing it would get a rise. It did. By the way the day before, Malcolm had a nice tale on congressional redistricting, and the GOP is dropping opposition to those maps … Rites of passage for assorted political folk: Frank Russo — lawyer, newsie, blogger and chief of staff to Nancy Skinner – heads back to the Bay Area as a legal eagle for Boxer & Gerson, a major law firm headed by U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer’s husband;  and LAT reporter (and former colleague) Shane Goldmacher  is heading to D.C. and The National Journal. Naturally, we taught him everything he knows — and just as soon as he ignored our advice he became successful. Good luck to both ….

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