Senate leadership approves new committee assignments

Here is the rundown of the Senate committee assignments approved this week by the the Senate Rules Committee. The chairs of the committees were approved earlier.

Agriculture:   Cannella (Chair), Rubio (Vice Chair), Berryhill, Evans, La Malfa, Vargas, Wolk.

Appropriations:  Kehoe (Chair), Walters (Vice Chair), Alquist, de Leon, Emmerson, Pavley, Price Jr., Steinberg, Wyland.

Banking & Financial Institutions:   Vargas (Chair), Blakeslee (Vice Chair), Evans, Kehoe, Liu, Padilla, Walters.

Budget & Fiscal Review:    Leno (Chair), Huff (Vice Chair), Alquist, Anderson, DeSaulnier, Emmerson, Evans, Fuller, Hancock, La Malfa, Liu, Lowenthal, Rubio, Simitian, Wolk, Wright.

Budget Subcommittee #1 – Education:   Liu (Chair), Huff, Wright.

Budget Subcommittee #2 – Resources, Environmental Protection, Energy, & Transportation:  Simitian (Chair), Fuller, Lowenthal.

Budget Subcommittee #3 – Health & Human Services:   DeSaulnier (Chair), Alquist, Emmerson.

Budget Subcommittee #4 – State Administration, General Government & the Judiciary:   Rubio (Chair), Evans, La Malfa. 

Budget Subcommittee #5 – Corrections and Public Safety:   Hancock (Chair), Anderson, Wolk.

Business, Professions and Economic Development:   Price Jr. (Chair), Emmerson (Vice Chair), Corbett, Correa, Hernandez, Negrete McLeod, Vargas, Walters, Wyland.

Education:   Lowenthal (Chair), Huff (Vice Chair), Alquist, Blakeslee, Emmerson, Liu, Price Jr., Simitian, Vargas.

Elections & Constitutional Amendments:    Correa (Chair), La Malfa (Vice Chair), de Leon, Gaines, Wolk.

Energy, Utilities and Communications:    Padilla (Chair), Fuller (Vice Chair), Berryhill, Corbett, de Leon, DeSaulnier, Pavley, Rubio, Simitian, Strickland, Wright.

Environmental Quality:   Simitian (Chair), Strickland (Vice Chair), Blakeslee, Hancock, Kehoe, Lowenthal, Pavley.

Governance & Finance:    Wolk (Chair), Huff (Vice Chair), DeSaulnier, Fuller, Hancock, Hernandez, La Malfa, Leno, Liu.

Governmental Organization:    Wright (Chair), Anderson (Vice Chair), Berryhill, Calderon, Cannella, Corbett, de Leon, Evans, Hernandez, Padilla, Strickland, Wyland, Yee.

Health:   Hernandez (Chair), Blakeslee (Vice Chair), Alquist, Anderson, de Leon, DeSaulnier, Rubio, Strickland, Wolk.

Human Services:    Liu (Chair), Emmerson (Vice Chair), Berryhill, Hancock, Strickland, Wright, Yee.

Insurance:   Calderon (Chair), Gaines (Vice Chair), Anderson, Corbett, Correa, Lowenthal, Price Jr., Wyland.

Judiciary:   Evans (Chair), Harman (Vice Chair), Blakeslee, Corbett, Leno

Labor & Industrial Relations:    vacant (Chair), Corbett (Vice Chair), Dutton, Leno, Negrete McLeod, Wyland, Yee.

Legislative Ethics:   Walters (Chair), Lowenthal (Vice Chair), Negrete McLeod

Natural Resources and Water:  Pavley (Chair), La Malfa (Vice Chair), Cannella, Evans, Fuller, Kehoe, Padilla, Simitian, Wolk.

Public Employment and Retirement:   Negrete McLeod (Chair), Walters (Vice Chair), Gaines, Padilla, Vargas.

Public Safety:   Hancock (Chair), Anderson (Vice Chair), Calderon, Harman, Liu, Price Jr., Steinberg.

Rules:   Steinberg (Chair), Harman (Vice Chair), Alquist, de Leon, Fuller.

Transportation and Housing:   DeSaulnier (Chair), Gaines (Vice Chair), Harman, Huff, Kehoe, Lowenthal, Pavley, Rubio, Simitian.

Veterans Affairs:   Correa (Chair), Cannella (Vice Chair), Berryhill, Calderon, La Malfa, Negrete McLeod, Rubio. 


Joint Committee on Arts:  Price Jr. (Chair), Calderon, Cannella, Emmerson, Kehoe, Liu.

Joint Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture:   Evans, Kehoe, La Malfa, Lowenthal.

Joint Committee on Legislative Audit:   Alquist, Anderson, de Leon, Dutton, La Malfa, Rubio, Wolk.

Joint Committee on Rules:  Alquist, Cannella, Corbett, de Leon, Dutton, Emmerson, Fuller, Harman, Huff, Kehoe, Leno, Steinberg, Vargas, Wright.

Joint Legislative Budget:  DeSaulnier, Emmerson, Huff, Kehoe, Leno, Padilla, Walters, Wolk.

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