No. 92: Capitol Weekly’s Top 100

Illustration by Chris Shary

92. Sean Parker
Marijuana legalization legislation has been simmering for years in California, but this year, it’s coming to a boil. In part, that’s because of changing cultural views about marijuana. But it’s also because of Sean Parker, the cofounder of Napster and the former president of Facebook. Parker sponsored the unsuccessful 2010 ballot measure to legalize marijuana. This time around, the favorite horse in the race is the one that Parker has put his money on – Proposition 64. Last month, Parker donated over $1 million to the effort, and as soon as he got behind initiative language, he became the face of the legalization effort. He’s not limited to weed, however: He’s hosted fundraisers for Hillary Clinton and other political causes. He also is a philanthropist, funding medical research in the state.

Updated August 9, 2016

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