Schwarzenegger campaign denounces Angelides for accepting attorneys’ donations

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s campaign demanded that Democratic rival Phil Angelides give back $18,500 in disputed campaign donations from members of the California Applicant Attorneys’ Association. Although the governor’s political staff decried the donations, they declined to file a formal complaint with the state’s political watchdog.

“He should return the contributions that are inappropriate,” said Tom Hiltachk, a Sacramento lawyer and Republican legal adviser, “and he should look through his campaign reports for any other (similar) contributions.”

Hiltachk said Tuesday that Angelides received donations totaling $18,500 from 14 members of the CAAA, following a June 26 email from Beverly Hills lawyer Lawrence Stern. In the email, Stern declared that CAAA members had made a “pact not to support any (doctor) who has not contributed at least $2,500 to the elections

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