Political Fortune: Mike Villines

Mike Villines has an ideal birth chart for a small-business owner. He is a double Aries. This is someone with the Sun (ruling his character) and Ascendant (ruling his personality) both in the independent, dynamic sign of Aries. Those with this combination are energetic, active, assertive, individualistic and natural leaders. Mr. Villines also has the capacity to be forthright and forceful (strong Mars), to break new ground (Aries is a cardinal sign), and to inspire confidence in those with whom he works in business, as well as in politics (three of his four major points are in fire signs).
He is naturally expansive, with the Moon (ruling his emotions) in the extroverted, philosophical sign of Sagittarius–which is, incidentally, in the Ninth House ruling the law and politics (he studied political science in college). The fire sign emphasis in his chart (Aries and Sagittarius) brings him gain through organizations, emotional expansiveness and by engaging in all types of people-oriented activities.
His most interesting aspect is the Sun conjunct Saturn. Those with this aspect are traditionally conservative, although creative within the framework of the prevailing social, economic and political systems. Mr. Villines has sponsored many bills to increase efficiency in the business community. He would seem to be a natural voice for maintaining conservative ideals in this society. His conservatism is re-emphasized by the Moon (ruling the emotions) in positive aspect to Saturn (ruling conservatism). He is blessed with a strong, positive horoscope, one in which he is able to mold circumstances rather than be molded by them, as his significant planets are on the left side of his chart.
With his Mercury (ruling the reasoning mind) in the compassionate sign of Pisces and in trine (very positive) aspect to the co-rulers of Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune, he is concerned about those in difficult circumstances, which is perhaps why he has promoted a bill to help disabled veterans and why he volunteers for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and Break the Barriers of Fresno, where he donates his time and expertise in public relations for the program, which integrates disabled and able-bodied individuals in sports and performing-arts activities.
He has the capacity to be a good speaker, with Mercury (ruling communication) in exact sextile to Venus (ruling eloquence). Though Mars is strong in his chart, Jupiter (ruling expansiveness) is just as strong. With these two planets in close significant aspect, he has the courage to take risks (necessary to be successful in business), but he must be careful not to take unnecessary risks, as this is a challenge aspect.
He has almost twice as many harmonious aspects as inharmonious, which suggests natural ability in many directions, especially as his chart has many trines (the strongest of the harmonious aspects). Jupiter and Neptune especially fall into this category, inclining him to be highly idealistic, as well as effective when he relates to others in an outgoing way.
On the other hand, his chart shows interesting challenges. With Mercury and the Moon in challenge aspect to Pluto and in challenge aspect to each other, the implication is that in this lifetime he must learn how to effectively use power when in positions of authority as he may be conflicted at times between his feelings and his thoughts. Too, though Mars (ruling competitiveness) is very strong in his chart, he must be careful not to be too assertive, as Mars has many challenge aspects. His chart shows many benefits from his home environment, as Jupiter, extremely well-aspected, is in Cancer, the sign of the home, in the Fourth House, which also rules the home.
His main challenges, in addition to those mentioned, are likely those associated with the sign Aries (especially as he is a double Aries). They are: a temper, impatience, an occasional lack of diplomacy, too assertive at times and a tendency to be too individualistic. Yet, his highly harmonious chart would suggest that he has the power to keep the difficult tendencies in his chart in check.
David Jones has practiced astrology for 25 years. He teaches evening classes in astrology at Bucks County Community College near Philadelphia. He has published more than 20 articles on astrological theory in such astrology journals as Aspects Magazine and Mountain Astrologer.

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