Political Fortune: Joseph Lieberman

NAME: Joseph Lieberman
DOB: Feb. 24, 1942
PLACE: Scranton, PA
SIGN: Pisces

Is he a Democrat or a Republican? Perhaps both, as the Sun (ruling his individuality) and the Moon (ruling his emotions) are in variable (dual) signs. By his own admission, he tends to vote Democrat on domestic issues and Republican on foreign affairs. The Senate lists him as an “independent Democrat,” and his birth chart leans slightly in that direction because Mercury (ruling his mentality) is in the progressive sign of Aquarius. A focal point of his chart is the conjunction of three planets: Saturn, Uranus, and Mars. Saturn, which indicates conservative traditional thinking, is conjunct Uranus (the drive for social change) to create both strong conservative and liberal drives in his chart (especially as both planets are energized by Mars).

What strikes the astrologer at first glance is that Mr. Lieberman, whose religion is Orthodox Judaism, has an ideal chart for a rabbi, as the Sun is in the spiritual sign of Pisces, and Neptune, ruler of Pisces, is his strongest and most harmonious planet (Neptune also rules the spiritual nature). And Neptune is in the Tenth House of occupation. He is well known for his religious observance and devotion. He is naturally compassionate as, in addition to the Sun in Pisces, the two co-rulers of Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune, are in very harmonious aspect. This part of his nature manifests in his desire to help the unfortunate. He is fighting for affordable health care for all, especially for America’s most vulnerable—the poor, elderly, children and their families, and he introduced legislation, Faircare, to make sure all Americans receive the same quality of medical care.

He is more practical than most Pisces as his important Mars-Saturn-Uranus conjunction is in the pragmatic sign of Taurus. Strength in this sign implies ability in financial matters, especially as Venus, ruler of Taurus, has many very harmonious aspects. Venus’ unusually harmonious nature also gives him the ability to relate well on a one-to-one basis, which is very important to a politician as a means of obtaining political support. Venus trine Mars inclines him to be naturally warm, sociable, and affectionate.

The key planet in his chart, however, is Jupiter, the planet most concerned with politics and politicians. Jupiter in close conjunction with the Moon in the Seventh House makes him emotionally expansive and gives him the ability to mediate as the Seventh House is the house of Libra, sign of the balance. He has the most fortunate of all aspects for a politician, Jupiter trine Venus, which indicates the ability to be popular with the masses. Jupiter’s strength in his chart doesn’t end there, however, as the planet is in exact trine (harmonious) aspect to Mercury, giving him an unusual ability to comprehend the overview of a political situation.  Jupiter (ruling the law) is further strengthened by his Sagittarius Ascendant (the sign that Jupiter rules), inclining him to be temperamentally expansive, energetic, and enthusiastic.

He is challenged by Jupiter square the Sun, however, which, according to textbooks, inclines those with this aspect to sometime be too sure of their opinions, a character flaw not easy to overcome (as the Sun is the most powerful astrological planet). Perhaps his greatest challenge, again according to the textbooks, is the Sun in square (inharmonious) aspect to Uranus, the planet of independence. This would incline him to be too independent at times to his detriment (shown by his support for John McCain?). His last major challenge may have to do with power (Pluto), as this planet is in opposition aspect (very inharmonious aspect) to both Mercury and Venus, inclining him to be too enamored of power (thus the textbooks say).

Ceres conjunct both the Sun and Mercury and trine the Moon create in him an unusual concern with the welfare of America. Ceres, as upper octave of Venus¸ indicates a strong patriotic bond and an inclination to bring together various political factions for the welfare of our great country. He is the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

All in all, Mr. Lieberman has a very strong and very harmonious birth chart that shows great potential in dealing with the pressing problems of the present-day world. Time will tell with regard to which of the two political parties he mostly supports in the coming years.  

David Jones has practiced astrology for 25 years. He teaches evening classes in astrology at Bucks County Community College near Philadelphia. He has published more than 20 articles on astrological theory in such astrology journals as Aspects Magazine and Mountain Astrologer. Send comments to djonesastrologer@hotmail.

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