Political Fortune: John Edwards

John Edwards can be categorized as a "triple Gemini," as the Sun (ruling his individuality), the Moon (ruling his emotions), and his Ascendant (ruling his temperament) are all in the mutable air sign of Gemini. Adding to his Gemini nature is the fact that Mercury, ruler of Gemini, rises in the Ascendant, giving the planet much power by position and adding to his Gemini characteristics. Mars, the planet ruling the assertive part of his nature, is also in Gemini.

The influence from this sign and these configurations makes him: quick in thought and action, clever with words, communicative, a good speaker, versatile, self-expressive, amusing, and sociable. The sign also gives him a love of variety, an active nature (especially as most of his planets are in active signs), and a love of travel, not to mention a tendency to be loquacious, vibrant, independent, intellectual (especially as he has two planets in Libra, another air sign), and a free spirit.He is the ultimate self-made man as almost all of his planets are on the left side of his birth horoscope. His chart is extremely harmonious (many strong positive aspects) and very powerful (many strongly placed planets). It is easy to see from his configurations how he was able to rise above his humble origins in a mill town to become a successful trial lawyer, a senator, and a candidate for Vice President of the United States.

He is by nature very assertive (Mars rising conjunct the Sun) and very expansive (Jupiter conjunct the Sun and Moon), with both Mars and Jupiter having many strong harmonious aspects. With Jupiter (ruling the law) conjunct the Sun and Moon (the two most important astrological planets), it is easy to see why he chose the law and politics (Jupiter rules both professions). He also has an ideal chart for a trial lawyer with the Sun (ruling showmanship) rising (he has a natural tendency to want to be the center of attention). Mercury, ruling the ability to speak well, also rises, and Mars (ruling assertiveness) is conjunct the Sun and Mercury, giving him the ideal horoscope to debate others (such as in a courtroom or political debate). His three strongest Planets, the Sun, Mars, and Jupiter, are all associated with leadership ability.

He has Mercury conjunct Uranus, which not only implies mental brilliance but also liberal thinking. This aspect gives him a natural desire to seek constructive social change (especially when his Jupiter aspects are taken into consideration). His Moon (ruling the common man in a political horoscope) is in the Twelfth House of "those who are less fortunate than oneself," implying a natural compassion for the poor and an urge to improve the lot of the common man. As the Moon is only two degrees from Jupiter by aspect, he is very expansive emotionally.

As you can see, this man, who would be President, has a lot going for him astrologically. Yet his recent affair has cast doubt on his future in politics. Astrologically, this affair can, perhaps, be traceable to his two most challenging aspects, both oppositions to Venus, the planet of love. His birth chart implies his love nature is his Achilles heel, as Venus is his only planet with two such severe challenge aspects. Neptune opposed to Venus is said to cause confusion in love matters, and even, as one textbook puts it, "a tendency to be too easily seduced." Venus opposed to Saturn implies an emotional feeling of "lack" with regard to love matters, though that may not actually be the case.

Whether or not John Edwards has the ability to overcome this affair politically, one fact is certain. He has an ideal horoscope to be President or at least occupy an important role in the political affairs of the United States. His birth chart is, overall, perhaps the most powerful and most harmonious of all the presidential candidates. Only time will tell if this "man of the people" will rise again to become the great man of stature his horoscope shows he has the potential to become.

David Jones has practiced astrology for 25 years. He teaches evening classes in astrology at Bucks County Community College near Philadelphia. He has published more than 20 articles on astrological theory in such astrology journals as Aspects Magazine and Mountain Astrologer. Send comments to

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