Political Fortune: Jerry Brown

NAME: Jerry Brown
JOB: Oakland Mayor
DOB: April 7, 1938
PLACE: San Francisco, CA
SIGN: Aries

With his Sun in the leadership sign of Aries, conjunct the Midheaven of
occupation, it’s no wonder that Jerry Brown has held many political posts,
run for president three times, and is now mayor of Oakland–the power of his
natal Sun is focused primarily on his political career. He is highly
innovative, as three of the four major points in his chart are in cardinal
(initiatory) signs: Sun in Aries, Moon in Cancer, and a Cancer Ascendant.

Interestingly, the main thrust of his chart is not the 10th House, but
rather the First House of Personality. Here the Moon, ruling the emotions
and the imagination, is conjunct Pluto, which rules power, intensity and
transformation. Thus, he is intensely emotional, very imaginative and driven
to seek positions of power (in a positive sense, as these two plants are
primarily positively aspected). This combination also implies that his
success is in large part due to his personality, and that a keynote in his
political philosophy is to transform the United States into a better place.

Jerry Brown is obviously a liberal politician. A review of his chart
indicates that he could hardly be otherwise, as Mercury, which rules his
conscious mind, is conjunct Uranus, which makes him independent, highly
individualistic and very progressive. This position also indicates that he
is someone who thinks for himself about everything; a man who doesn’t follow
the beaten path. As Venus, ruling his affections, is also conjunct the
independent, individualistic planet Uranus, he also is inclined to be highly
individualistic and independent in his friendships and other close

With the Sun and Mercury in positive aspect to Neptune, ruling spirituality,
it’s no wonder that he studied for the priesthood when he was young, and
that he is highly spiritual-minded today, having studied Zen Buddhism and
worked with Mother Teresa.

Not that he’s a saint. With Mars square Jupiter, he’s probably too
flamboyant and expansive at times, as the square is a difficult aspect that
challenges him to rein in his enthusiasm and theatrics at times so as to not
alienate the electorate. With Mars in almost exact trine (positive) aspect
to spiritual Neptune, the implication is that his heart is in the right
place. He may also at times introduce legislation that some think
inappropriate (as Uranus rules the future, some of his ideas are likely to
be ahead of their time).

Some are probably unaware of how practical he is. With four planets in the
down-to-earth sign of Taurus, including Mercury, and pragmatic Saturn
conjunct his natal Sun, he is far from the “liberal kook” that some
political opponents have made him out to be. He is future-oriented and
envisions what might be. His political moves are no doubt well calculated in
advance (Saturn conjunct Sun) and probably as efficient as a good chess
player who plans his strategy three or four moves in advance.

Which brings us to the present. Can he still be considered too liberal?

After all, he was right about the Vietnam War. Perhaps his visionary (strong
Neptune), progressive (strong Uranus) and idealistic (Mars trine Neptune)
ideas are just what this country needs at this time. However, Mercury square
Pluto implies that he can become too subjective and intense in his desire to
push forward his political agenda.

He is naturally popular, as Venus is conjunct Jupiter, and his positive
Jupiter and Neptune aspects mark him as an especially compassionate man,
just as his Uranus conjuncts with Mercury, Venus and Mars indicate that he
is a man of the people who wants equality for everyone and an end to elitism
in this country.

His transits for the next two years are favorable. Transiting Pluto trines
his natal Sun, giving him increased will power and transformative ideas.
Transiting Neptune conjunct natal Jupiter brings him inspiration and
spiritual insights. And transiting Uranus trine his natal Venus provides him
with increased ability to work with organizations.

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