Political Fortune: Jenny Oropeza

The birth horoscope of Jenny Oropeza, California state senator, is characterized by a powerful conjunction. The Sun (ruling her character) is conjunct Mars (ruling her assertive nature), with both planets conjunct Jupiter (ruling her expansive nature). Therefore, this is someone with the power to be both very assertive and also very expansive, qualities important for a politician.

She is assertive and expansive emotionally, as well as individually, as the Moon, ruling the emotions, is also in strong aspect to Mars and Jupiter in her chart–and is, in addition, in Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. This stellium (conjunction of planets) is in Libra, which rules partnerships, legal matters, the ability to compromise and the ability to initiate. Therefore, she shines in the codification of social mores into law (emphasized even more by the Moon in Sagittarius, the sign of philosophy, education and an overview of society’s problems). Much benefit comes to her from partnerships, not only because of the strong Libran influence, but also because Venus, ruling Libra, is her strongest planet and also is in the Seventh House of Partnerships. The Venus and Libran influences also tend toward the ability to be tactful and diplomatic. As Libra relates to the ability to compromise to attain a goal that is mutually beneficial, her entire chart points toward moving society forward through an attempt to bring together opposite poles of thought to benefit all.

Interestingly, her strong Sun-Mars-Jupiter conjunction, the center of her chart, is in the Sixth House of health and health-related activities. This might explain–in addition to her being a cancer survivor–why she has worked hard to pass legislation on such issues as air pollution and cancer prevention to radiation and environmental advocacy. She has had proposals signed into law involving smoking in common areas and the use of emergency exits. She also would be inclined to an interest in health because of the position of her Mercury (ruling her mentality), which is in the sign of Virgo, natural ruler of the Sixth House and the sign of the zodiac most concerned with health issues.

Her previous work in the Assembly as chairman of the Budget Committee comes as no surprise, as the Moon (almost as important by position as the Sun) is in the Eight House of other people’s money. She is very analytical, with Mercury in Virgo and more down to earth than many Libras as her rising sign, ruling her personality, is the earth sign of Taurus, and her mentality, as mentioned, is ruled by Virgo, also an earth (or down-to-earth) sign. With Mercury in Virgo, she would tend to view matters political and otherwise from a pragmatic perspective (what I learn I must use, as the saying goes with regard to Virgo).

Her chart, in general, is very harmonious indeed. She has many positive aspects and few inharmonious aspects (not a surprise considering her rise to the state Senate). Positive aspects incline her internal energies to work together harmoniously to help her to achieve her personal and her professional goals. In addition, she has no oppositions (a rarity), a positive sign of personality integration as opposition is the hardest inharmonious aspect to overcome.

Her leadership qualities are indicated by both the Sun and Moon in close, positive aspect to Jupiter, ruling such abilities. Her chart shows that she has the potential to win over others to her side of legislation through tact and diplomacy (through the Libra and Venus influences, even though she may come on a little too strong at times due to fiery Mars conjunct expansive Jupiter and Mars in almost exact aspect to the Moon, indicating a possible need to curb either a temper or impatience).

She is uniquely geared to initiate new legislation as Libra is a cardinal sign (one that initiates activities). Her greatest success comes through close cooperation with others (the Venus and Libra influences and nine of 10 planets on the right side of her chart) despite her strong character and expansive emotions. Her chart is perfectly geared to an interest in or ability in one of the arts (specifically music or art) as Venus rules these qualities.

Irregardless, her perspective would be one of balance, desire for harmony and the need to accomplish her goals through the close cooperation of significant persons (both in her personal and work life).

Is she progressive? Uranus, ruling these qualities is in a strong angular house, implying a desire toward progressive change through forward thinking (a tendency also implied by the fact that her Sun ruler, Venus, aspects Uranus and this is the strongest aspect in her chart). The aspect is said to incline toward a highly independent, individualistic, and/or original type of person (despite the need to cooperate). The Sun and Moon harmoniously aspect Uranus, re-emphasizing the need to originate changes already indicated by the stellium in Libra.

David Jones has practiced astrology for 25 years. He teaches evening classes in astrology at Bucks County Community College near Philadelphia. He has published more than 20 articles on astrological theory in such astrology journals as Aspects Magazine and Mountain Astrologer.

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