Political Fortune: James R. Cassie

NAME: James R. Cassie
JOB: Lobbyist
DOB: November 19, 1947
PLACE: San Diego, CA
SIGN: Scorpio

James (Jim) R. Cassie appears to have been born to be a lobbyist. The Sun,
ruling his character, is in the Twelfth House, which symbolizes those who
work behind the scenes to achieve their goals. The Sun is joined in that
house by Venus and Jupiter, making it his strongest and most fortunate
house. Pisces rules the Twelfth House, and, befittingly, its ruler, Neptune,
is conjunct Jim’s Midheaven of occupation, promising success through
sensitive and/or confidential activities (Piscean and Twelfth House
characteristics). As if these indications weren’t enough to ensure his
success in his chosen calling, Neptune is his most harmonious planet, and
stands for public-relations-type activities where an individual seeks to
improve the image of his or her employer by presenting their interests in
the best possible light. Moreover, the Sun, ruling his character, and
Mercury, ruling his mentality, are both in the intense, confidential sign of
Scorpio, inclining him to work well behind the scenes.

With his Sun conjunct Jupiter, Cassie is naturally outgoing and
people-oriented, and, as the Moon also aspects Jupiter, he is emotionally
expansive as well. He can be very assertive with Mars, ruling his aggressive
instincts, strong due to many aspects. Unfortunately, both his Sun and Moon,
ruling his character and his emotions, are in inharmonious aspect to Mars,
making him prone to be either too assertive, too insistent, and/or
argumentative at times, especially as the Sun squares Mars conjunct Saturn
(the military aspect), inclining him to be either too hard on himself
(Saturn) or sometimes too forward in promoting his agenda (Mars).

Yet Cassie has a basically harmonious birth chart with a 2-to-1 ratio of
harmonious to inharmonious aspects. With Venus conjunct Jupiter (the best
aspect to have), he is expansively friendly. He is a natural leader as well,
with three planets in the leadership sign of Leo, and all three planets
aspecting his natal Sun (ruling Leo). His popularity with others is enhanced
by his ability to deal effectively with them on a one-on-one basis, shown by
Venus in highly positive aspect to almost every other planet.

With the Moon in the Second House of material possessions, money is
important to him, as well as a beautiful home, shown by the Moon, ruling the
home, in close harmonious aspect to Venus, ruling beauty. With the Sun,
ruling his character, and Mercury, ruling his mentality, both in Scorpio, he
has the natural ability to probe to the heart of a matter to understand, for
instance, how the most intricate political processes work. The co-rulers of
Scorpio, Mars and Pluto, both very strong by aspect, reinforce this talent

One of Cassie’s most positive qualities is his ability to think “outside the
envelope.” With Mercury, ruling his mentality, trine Uranus, the planet of
independence, and many strong, harmonious aspects to that planet, he has the
capacity to think for himself rather than to blindly follow others or the
ideas of others.

With five planets in fire signs (Leo and Sagittarius), he is never short on
enthusiasm. His outgoing nature is also shown not only by the Sun conjunct
Jupiter, but also by the Moon in the socially oriented sign of Aquarius.
With eight of his 10 planets above the horizon, he is more interested in
worldly success than many, reinforced by ambitious Capricorn rising. With
six planets on the left side of his chart, including the Sun, Moon, and
Mercury (the big three), he has the power to mold circumstances rather than
to be molded by them.

With six planets in fixed signs, he no doubt has a stubborn streak, but
these same placings add to the unusual determination shown in his chart. He
is more competitive than most, shown in one way by Mars conjunct Pluto,
though his strong Venus and Neptune give him the ability not only to
empathize with others but also to cooperate with them exceedingly well.
He has an ideal chart for public relations.

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