Political Fortune: Jackie Speier

Jackie Speier showed remarkable courage after being shot five times and left to die in Guyana in 1978. Interestingly, her birth chart is a textbook case in courage, stamina and determination. Both the Sun (ruling her individuality) and Mercury (ruling her mentality) are in exact, powerful trine (a most positive aspect) to Mars, ruling assertiveness, a pioneering spirit, competitiveness, and the love of a challenge. Her determination is also shown by both the Sun and Mercury in the fixed sign of Taurus (fixed signs are the least-discouraged signs of the zodiac).
The Sun, ruling her ego, is in the Tenth House of occupation, indicating that she likes to “shine” in her chosen profession. Mercury, ruling her mentality, is also in the Tenth House of occupation, intensifying her desire to succeed in her occupation. Seven planets on the left-hand side of her chart indicate that she is able to mold circumstances rather than be molded by them. Her desire to succeed in the world also is indicated by seven planets above the horizon at the moment of her birth.
The Sun, which rules leadership ability, is by far the strongest planet in her chart by position and aspect. Leo, ruled by the Sun, also rises (Ascendant), intensifying her desire to lead, to be creative in her field, and to achieve through being highly organized and in control. Those with such Sun-ruled charts tend to want to be the center of attention, not necessarily a bad trait when the person has as much to offer as she has. Her accomplishments in the California state Legislature are too numerous to mention. She has sponsored and is an advocate of many bills involving constructive social change.
Her leadership qualities are enhanced by the Moon, ruling her emotions in the assertive, ambitious sign of Aries, ruled by her powerful Mars. This placing often inclines her toward impatience but also toward initiating innovative changes. With two fire signs powerful in her chart, Aries and Leo, she is no doubt enthusiastic, vibrant, assertive, and direct. Her Sun and Mercury in the down-to-earth practical sign of Taurus gives her strong practical ability in her legislative endeavors.
Mercury at the Midheaven gives her the ability to communicate effectively with others, and Mercury trine Mars makes her a formidable debater. Her practical ability, the talent to look at the pragmatic aspects of a political problem are also show, in addition to the Sun and Mercury in Taurus, by Mars and Saturn in the Second House of money and materiality with both planets in the practical sign of Virgo.
Pluto, ruling power, rises in her First House of personality, and squares her Sun in the Tenth House of occupation (a challenge aspect). This aspect is also her most powerful and implies that her most important challenge in this lifetime involves learning lessons about the use of power (Pluto) when in positions of authority (the Sun). Her very positive Mars (upper octave of Pluto) implies that she constructively uses this aspect to forward her political agenda.
Jackie has a law degree–not surprising, as the Moon, ruling her emotions, and Venus, ruling her love nature, are both in the Ninth House of legal affairs. This combination implies a love of philosophy and the ability to gain an overview of society’s problems, especially as Jupiter, ruler of the Ninth House, is strongly placed and aspects the Sun, Moon, and Mercury (the most important planets).
Her chart shows that she must be careful not to act too impulsively with the Moon in Aries and Mars, ruler of Aries, in square (challenge) aspect to Uranus, the planet of sudden change. She has the capacity to deal with this challenge as Mars, which rules the adventurous spirit, is conjunct Saturn, which rules the ability to correctly assess when to put the breaks on her impulses. Saturn is unusual in her chart in that the planet trines the most important three planets in her chart, those mentioned. This increases her power to be practical and determined, as well as highly disciplined and reliable.
Her challenges through the Mars and Aries influences would seem to involve being too adventurous, too impatient, too direct, and too competitive at times, though she may have overcome these challenges at this point in her career. Her virtues are as given throughout the horoscope and far outweigh her challenges. Her extremely powerful Sun implies that she can go far in politics through her innate leadership qualities.
David Jones has practiced astrology for 25 years. He teaches evening classes in astrology at Bucks County Community College near Philadelphia. He has published more than 20 articles on astrological theory in such astrology journals as Aspects Magazine and Mountain Astrologer.

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