Political Fortune: George Plescia

NAME: George Plescia
JOB: Assemblyman
DOB: August 19, 1966
PLACE: Sacramento, CA

George Plescia is the new minority leader of the California State Assembly.
Appropriately, he was born with the sun in the leadership sign of Leo. He
has Mercury ruling his mentality and Venus ruling close relationships in
Leo, emphasizing the sign’s influence. All three planets are in the
eleventh-house ruling groups and committees, inclining him to be influential
in such circumstances. He seems ideal for his new position for these

He was born with Jupiter ruling politics in the tenth house of occupation,
conjunct energizing Mars, making him assertive and expansive–good qualities
for a political career. Interestingly, his strong Leo planets nearly are
overshadowed by the Libra influence in his chart. His Libra moon is rising,
thus he is also by nature diplomatic, tactful, very sociable, easy going and
charming (Bill Clinton also has the sun in Leo and a Libra rising).

Eight of his 10 planets are above the horizon, indicating the desire for
public recognition, and he has nine planets on the left-hand side of his
chart, indicating someone who can mold circumstances rather than be molded
by them. However, he seems to be a politician who performs best by working
closely with others (Libra influence) and after receiving much expert advice
from committees (eleventh-house influence) due to the fact that his Leo sun
has only one aspect.

With Mercury in Leo, he has the power to speak dramatically and to inspire
others, especially as Mercury sextiles Venus, which also gives him the power
to speak fluently and with grace. With his strong Libra influence (the sign
of the balance), one of his best talents is the ability to reach fair
compromises on issues important to both parties. With the moon (ruler of
Cancer) rising, he should be especially strong on domestic issues.

His main challenge seems to be the following: He should be careful not to be
too autonomous in his decision-making (often a fault of Leo) and instead
should rely heavily on the opinions of close associates (a positive Libra
influence) to give him a balanced point of view, especially in regard to
finance, as the sun inharmoniously sides Neptune in the second house of

Had he not chosen politics as a career, he probably would have done well as
a salesman, diplomat, mediator or arbitrator. Interestingly, transiting
Pluto, a ruling power, is now in exact trine (highly positive aspect) to his
natal sun, though he may experience some degree of uncertainty in the coming
months as Neptune is approaching an opposition to his natal sun. Political
events appear more positive later in the year as Jupiter (the good-luck
planet) approaches and will pass over his positive Libran moon.

Editor’s note: This horoscope was done by the Midheaven Equal House system
with house cusps as midpoints.

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