Political Fortune: Darrell Steinberg

Mr. Steinberg is a “double Libra,” which means that both his Sun (ruling his character) and his Ascendant (ruling his personality) are in the tactful diplomatic sign of Libra. This gives him the ability to be a negotiator, as Libra is able to see both sides of a problem. Libra is also the sign most associated with the law. His strongest planet is Mars, which rules assertiveness, competitiveness and tough-mindedness. As Mars is also in Libra, he is probably a strong negotiator. He might be characterized as an iron hand inside a velvet glove, so to speak.
As Mars is conjunct to his Sun and Ascendant–as well as positively aspected–he is the ultimate take-charge guy, especially as the Sun, ruling leadership, rises in his chart. Overall he has a very strong and very harmonious birth chart. He has an interesting tie-in between four planets in the First House (of his personality) and three planets in the Eleventh House (ruling organizations and committees). As this tie-in has all harmonious aspects, the implication is–especially as the Sun in involved–that he is a natural to lead organizations and to chair committees.
He is strongly assertive not only because Mars rises in exact conjunction to the Ascendant (an unusual feature in itself), but also because his Moon (ruling his emotions) is in the Mars-ruled sign of Aries, and because Mercury (ruling his mentality) is in the Mars-ruled sign of Scorpio, in conjunction with Mars.
A very powerful aspect dominates his mentality. Mercury, ruling the reasoning mind, is in very close conjunction to Neptune, which rules compassion. This combination gives him the ability to empathize with those less fortunate than himself, which may account for his outstanding work to improve the lot of the mentally ill and the homeless.
Mr. Steinberg is someone who molds circumstances rather than be molded by them, shown by nine of his planets on the left-hand side of his chart. With three of his four major significators in cardinal signs, he is particularly geared to initiate new legislation. With his Sun in almost exact sextile to Uranus (the most liberal planet), he is very open to constructive change and is certainly not an advocate of the status quo. With four planets in his house of personality, the implication is that he gains much through his personality during social interactions.
Though Mr. Steinberg is a Mars-type person who might have a tendency to “rush in where angels fear to tread,” a strong Saturn, the planet of discipline and caution, harmoniously channels his natural assertiveness. Mars sextile Saturn (the military aspect) marks him as someone who is very hardworking and loathe to give up easily.
He has the capacity to be a formidable debater–with Mercury conjunct Mars–not only because he is mentally assertive, but also because Mercury in Scorpio tends to want to know all the facts concerning a particular issue. He also has the capacity to speak eloquently, as Mercury is in almost exact sextile to Venus (the planet associated with eloquence). At the very least, he is an able communicator, as Mercury (ruling communication) rises in his chart (the strongest position) and Libra also has much to do with communication.
In a horoscope like this, which is both strong and harmonious, it is difficult to say what his challenges might be. The following are as possibilities: He may be too impatient or have a temper (Mars rising; Moon in Aries). He may be too independent (strong Mars, weak Jupiter). He may be too idealistic at times (Mercury conjunct Neptune). He may at times be too sociable (Libra influence; Venus square Jupiter).
David Jones has practiced astrology for 25 years. He teaches evening classes in astrology at Bucks County Community College near Philadelphia. He has published more than 20 articles on astrological theory in such astrology journals as Aspects Magazine and Mountain Astrologer.

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