Personnel Profile: Russell Stiger

Russell Stiger has worked in the Capitol taking pictures and shooting video for the past 24 years. Stiger recently spent his break away from the Assembly floor to meet with Capitol Weekly. He talked about getting a frosty look from Muhammad Ali, what makes a good picture and which state legislator takes most friendly to the camera.

[B]I bet you’ve seen a lot of the inner workings of the Democratic Caucus over the past 24 years. Anything you care to divulge? [/B]

No. If I said anything I wouldn’t last another 24 hours.

[B]Do you have a favorite picture from your career?[/B]

I once took a cool shot of a little girl putting a flower in the hand of one of the statues at the Vietnam Memorial. The statues represent two soldiers walking together. And one of them has his hand outstretched as if to make a point.
What about famous people who have visited the Capitol?[/B]

Rosa Parks and Muhammad Ali were the two people who meant a lot to me growing up.

[B]Did you meet both of them?[/B]

With Ms. Parks it was just me shooting her. It’s always just me shooting. I’m not star struck because I know they won’t remember me. I try to do the best I can. As long as people are nice, they stay in the hero category with me.
What was Muhammad Ali like?

Muhammad Ali was the greatest.

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