Personnel Profile: Ronald Brock

Ronald Brock, owner of the red “truth truck” often seen near the Capitol.

Capitol Weekly: Why did you create your truck, and why do you park it around
the Capitol so often?
Ronald Brock: I’m on a mission. I operate out of San Diego, but up here is
where all the wicked laws are being passed. Up here is where they are
dealing with assisted suicide, which is murder. I’m also here in opposition
to SB 1437, AB 606 and AB 1056, which would teach homosexuality in schools.
I’m here to defend our children. They not only promoting homosexuality,
they’re making it a crime to tell them it will hurt them. This is beyond

CW: When did you start creating “Truth Trucks”?
RB: I’ve been doing “Truth Trucks” since the Republican National Convention
in San Diego [1996]. We were there to hold the Republicans accountable on
the abortion issue. I started out putting the truth about abortions on my
truck. Right now you see physician assisted suicide. I was at an abortion
clinic in San Diego last week. I’ll be down there again because they want to
take down the Mount Soledad Cross [in San Diego]. A federal judge, one man,
decided it should not be there. I’m trying to convince Christians that it’s
time to do something. Ephesians 5:11 says to expose the evil. Deuteronomy
19:7 says if you see someone doing something wrong, if you love them, you
will rebuke them. You will confront them if you see them doing something
that will destroy their life or others lives. If you see someone about to
rob a bank, you will rebuke them.

CW: How many Truth Trucks have you had?
RB: I have two right now, a van and this one. I have another truck I left
with missionaries in Milwaukee. And I’ve had two other vans. I had the
second Truth Truck that existed.

CW: Who had the first?
RB: Ken Scott. He had taped messages about abortion on his truck in 1996. He
is the one who encouraged me to do it.

CW: So do you do all of the art yourself? Do you store different boards so
you can change the messages?
RB: Basically, yes. I can change the messages. There are truth trucks people
have made around the country. I am surprised by the number. If it weren’t
for all the stuff going on here I’d be in Washington, D.C., more. I was in
Florida when they were starving Terri Schiavo to death. I was in Alabama
when Justice Roy Moore was having the battle over the 10 Commandments.

CW: Any update on the case of the people who vandalized your vehicle last
RB: I’ve talked to the police and they say they’re on it. They said they
would call me back, but this is the second time they haven’t, so I’ll have
to call again. I talked to the kid [suspect Jack Tocco]. He was nice, but he
wasn’t apologetic. There was that article in that entertainment paper
[Sacramento News & Review, 6/26/06]. I called them but they never called me
back. I’m not surprised. The article was terrible. They totally
misrepresented what was on the truck. They called it hate speech.

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