Personnel Profile: Emily Currin

NAME: Emily Currin
JOB TITLE: Legislative
director for Assemblyman Roger Niello

Capitol Weekly: What led you from UCLA Republican activism to the Capitol?
Emily Currin: I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an activist in the true
sense of the word. I have kind of an activist personality, but more of a
moderate, philosophical worldview. People always assume that I am extreme
because I have an “out-there” personality, but I think my skills lie more in
compromise and bridge building. My involvement in college was limited to
volunteering for a couple campaigns and trying to bridge the gap between the
real firebrands on the right, which was the UCLA Bruin Republicans who
became very infamous under the tutelage of Andrew Jones, and the rest of the
campus. Mainly, our involvement was when Richard Riordan was running for
governor–trying to drum up support on campus. Actually, during my
involvement, I ended up getting Riordan to speak at our graduation for
political science. The president of the PSSO [Political Science Student
Organization] wanted Barbara Boxer, but I won out.

CW: Were you a Senate Fellow at one time as well?
EC: Yes. What happened was that the summer of ’03, I was volunteering for
the Schwarzenegger campaign in Santa Monica with a group called Young Voters
for Arnold. We helped create a network of people throughout the state to
turn out for rallies and that type of thing.

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