Personnel Profile: Dan Wall

NAME: Dan Wall
JOB TITLE: lobbyist

Dan Wall, the chief Sacramento lobbyist for Los Angeles County, has been a
familiar figure for years in the Capitol. He’s worked as a local-government
expert in numerous positions, including the California State Association of
Counties and the Assembly speaker’s staff, and he’s the go-to person for
people struggling to understand state-local finances. And, most importantly
to Capitol Weekly, he’s great at a party.

CW: You were recently voted as the Social Butterfly in our Around the Capitol
awards. Do you consider yourself a social butterfly?
DW: No, I never did. I consider myself somebody who tries to get around to all
the situations where there are members of the Legislature, and the true
statement is that, in fact, I do like to dance. So if there’s music, I will

CW: Your bio on KVMR’s Web site describes you as a “professional sushi junkie.”
What makes someone a sushi junkie, and how do you go about becoming
DW: They should be paying me, I think, which is why I used the word
professional. It’s just one of the

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