Personnel Profile: Chelene Nightingale

Chelene Nightingale is a former model and an actress who appeared on the TV show “Northern Exposure.” She is also a businesswoman, who has run a graphic design firm and a heating and air conditioning business. She’s currently running for governor as the nominee of the American Independent Party.

What are the biggest differences between you and Meg Whitman?
The main difference that sets me apart from Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown is that they are liberals while I’m a constitutional conservative. That is why they will split the liberal vote and I will garner the conservatives. They are for varying forms of amnesty for illegal aliens, while I am for upholding the law by holding both employers and government officials accountable for our illegal alien problem. The problems in which Whitman finds herself today with her former maid is exactly the sort of thing her own policies would exacerbate. Her virtual amnesty plan would entice more illegal aliens to flood our job market. Brown’s are even worse. There is no way to fund the influx of people their policies will cause without raising taxes even higher, which I oppose.

While the other candidates oppose the job-saving Prop. 23, I support and embrace it. Without it to postpone the fatal aspects of AB 32, thousands more California jobs will be sacrificed on the altar of the global warming hoax. Environmental terrorism has done enough damage to California’s economy. I want to see Prop. 23 passed until we can repeal AB 32. The California Air Resources Board, CARB, is the single largest cause of unemployment in this state. CARB has cost California literally thousands of companies and millions of jobs.

As governor, I may not be able to abolish CARB but I will certainly put California on a “no CARB diet” by defunding it and appointing sane people to oversee its administration. Currently it is being run by Mary Nichols, who practically has dictatorial power over our business community and economy. It is power that she has viciously abused to help give us the worst business climate in America. We think Mary has worked long enough and should retire. What we have decided to do is to auction off the privilege to hand Mary Nichols her pink slip. People can go to to bid for the thrill of showing up at Mary Nichols’ office to deliver the news. Bidding started at $150 or someone can buy it right away for $25,000.

If you were elected governor of California, what are the three main things you would do to try to fix California?  
The first of the three main things I will do as governor is to attract jobs and businesses back to California by stopping the environmental terrorism as I described earlier. Isn’t it ironic that the solar panels that our legislature has seen fit to mandate for California buildings cannot even be made here because of the outrageous environmental restrictions? Californians will not even benefit by getting the jobs to make them because they will have to be made in Tennessee. I’m sure the wage-earners of Tennessee are pleased about that.  

People with even the most rudimentary understanding of economics realize that government cannot create actual, productive jobs that grow an economy. Jobs come from business and industry in the private sector. As long as we maintain the worst business climate in the nation, our job market will continue to shrink. I want to remove the diabolical restrictions placed on businesses so they will feel secure in coming to California as a business-friendly place to thrive and prosper. Tax incentives for businesses are at the top of my list of priorities.

Next is handling the illegal immigration problem. Few people know about the California state military. I will arm them and send them to protect our border. I will also cut funding to sanctuary cities and prosecute any public official who will not obey 834b of the California penal code, which requires all our law enforcement people to work with federal immigration officials. Another thing I can do is to revisit Prop. 187, which was unconstitutionally struck down by an activist judge.

Also, I will turn on the water for our Central Valley farmers. It is within the power and purview of the Governor to do that and call for the arrest of any federal agent who tries to interfere. The drought in our Central Valley caused by our own government is as despicable as it is destructive. The farmers of California have fed the world for generations. I find it criminal that some judge wants to put an end to that. No fish is more valuable than the ability of our state to feed the hungry, employ Californians and enrich our economy.  

Explain why you should have been included in the gubernatorial debates.

Personally I find it amusing what candidates of the two largest parties expect people to believe. On one hand they try to come off “tough as nails” on issues, but then shrink into the shadows and refuse to participate in debates that include any other candidates. That is because they fear candidates that diametrically oppose their ideas and policies. Here in California we have two liberals arguing over which one will do the most damage by continuing the same failed ideas. They can’t afford to have that point made in a forum where they will be forced to dispute that. They can’t allow it on the same stage they need to misinform people about whom and what they really represent.  

 I should have been allowed there to inform Californians that they have choices that go beyond the usual liberals whose schemes have destroyed our schools, businesses, and economy. People should know there is a candidate with constitutional values who will faithfully represent them. They should know that I am that candidate.

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